Let us make your website the right way, sit back and enjoy.

Why choose Wotwebsite?

Because we offer a unique completely flexible service for artists.  Our websites are self-managed but we will set you up and make changes for you, all-inclusive and at a highly competitive price. So for example, if you are tech-adverse, no worries, let us do things for you! We bring the power of WordPress to bear to the artist website.  Picture framers and Professional artists run Wotwebsite, every thinking process has attempted to understand the needs of artists in a competitive world.

Amazing tools and set up!

You can publish posts to your blog by emailThat could be a News category or Blog category. No need to log in and manage posts you can do it from your phone or laptop.

Most artists do not want to go through the complex task of setting up a website correctly. Our service is not only competitively priced but designed to take the stress away. Our flexible approach means that artists can make their own changes or get us to make them for them! Feel like an artist

We offer beautifully crafted templates that you can be customized in a multitude of ways and just how you like, one powerful tool a  newsletter to keep in touch with your audience!

Who are we?

Wotwebsite is a collaboration between professional artists and experts in all things internet.  Created to bring design clarity to artists’ websites, to offer a simple and powerful set of tools to help artists get online with the minimum of difficulty and to put downward pressure on the costs associated with starting an online presence. Printmaking courses in south england

Professional Website

We set up your website for you


    • £100 setup fee if you want us to create the site for you.
    • Single WordPress installs for all websites
  • Enough space for the largest artists sites

Student website



    • No setup fee if you make the website yourself.
  • Completely self-managed



About our websites

Our website service hosting is designed for the small artist website. There is no reason to pay extortionate fees for your website hosting. Our prices are competitive and our websites tailored to fit the design and functionality needs of the contemporary artist.


What we offer

Website peace, sit back and let our skilled artist team get your website right! Complete flexibility, just let us do things the right way!


We set up your website and you sit back and enjoy. We make sure that your website is optimised for search engines.

SEO optimised

Responsive design

Our skills areAll our templates are mobile ready. This is a very important consideration in today's fast moving life. the following


Self-managed websites

All our websites are self-managed so you can login and make your own changes whenever you need to without having to pay expensive webmasters for the pleasure.

Self-managed websites

Websites need style_

Artists need websites with style, somewhere their art can shine!