Self managed websites

WordPress is an amazing CMS that allows users to have control over all of their content. It is a particularly intuitive interface where managing pages and post can be done in a few clicks.

Our flexible service means that if you are tech adverse we will set up your website for you and once everything is in place it is very easy to see where content needs to be edited.


Our set-up service involves not only creating your website pages but also optimising them with titles and descriptions so that they are easily indexed by the major search engines.

Responsive design

All our templates are responsive. That means that they adjust their size for all devices such as tablets and mobiles. This is very important today as more and more people are viewing websites on their portable devices.


Our websites come with an amazing set of tools, utilizing Jetpack’s rich resource. You can post by email from your mobile devices or laptops without every having to manage your website from the back-end. That is a great feature to ensure your exhibition news is displayed on your website at the right time with no fuss.

Our set up service

If you choose our set up service you will find it a great time saver. No need to worry about anything. We set your website up, walk you through all the stages, from buying a domain name or having an existing one directed to us. This service meets all your needs as an artist, taking the stress out of getting it right.

Artists requirements

Wotwebsite is run by artists and every thinking process has been tailored to their needs. What are those needs?

  1. To have a beautifully designed website that is future secure
  2. To have a website that can be viewed on all devises.
  3. To not have to learn how to manage the complex back-end
  4. We have hidden in the control panel all the technical set-up areas so that artists can focus on their content.
  5. To have a website that will appear in search engines.
  6. To have a website that has some chance of appearing in searches.
  7. To have a website design that reflects the serious nature of their artworks and is not taking Protestantism from art.
  8. Artists are the last people who want to learn how to make a website well. We do that for them!